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I C I P S uses a "session cookie" in order to keep different users separated. The cookie is only active when you visit I C I P S and disappears when you close your webbrowser.


Credit card payments are handled by our partner Payson, a company that fulfils the requirements for PCI-DSS. Information between you and Payson are transferred through secure connection (SSL / HTTPS).

I C I P S does not recieve information about credit cards or their numbers. The only information that reaches I C I P S is that payment has been accepted by your bank. Your credit card number and other personal information are protected by Payson and are not disclosed to external interests.

In case of unauthorized use of a credit card, the responsibility of the credit card company applies.

Personal information policy

I C I P S follows the Swedish personal information law. It provides protection for the individual in how personal information is stored.

According to this law, I C I P S asks you to confirm that we process and store information about you in our data base. A purchase at I C I P S is taken as your confirmation. The information you leave to us, which we obtain when you perform a purchase of a product, will be processed by I C I P S in the role of responsible for personal information.

As consumer you have the right to request the information stored about you and to request that this information is changed or removed. The information about you is used solemnly for the purpose that I C I P S should have the possibility to facilitate for you in using the webshop and for communication between I C I P S and you.
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